Friday, January 27, 2017

Polarity - 2016 - Action Potential (LP)

Polarity is a five piece progressive metal band from Toronto, Ontario Canada. Action Potential is their debut LP since forming in 2006. Polarity play a mix of alt and progressive metal with a female lead singer, citing Deftones, A Perfect Circle and Chevelle. Rotator leads the LP off with a mid-tempo, brooding epic with melodic vocals from Jasmine and a stop start chorus while Autonomy's Conquest & Skeptic bring the alt metal riffs and Jasmine showing off her versatile voice.

This is a very consistent album, Polarity move through a variety of textures and tempos while still maintaining their core sound. Highlights include the aforementioned Rotator, Autonomy's Conquest, Skeptic Lights Estrangement, The Fight, The Great Escape and Tumbleweed. With Action Potential Polarity have crafted a melodic debut with one foot in progressive metal and the other in alt. metal.

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