Monday, January 02, 2017

Pikes Edge - 2016 - All Of Our Beauty (LP)

Pikes Edge is a five piece metal band from Munich, Germany. All Of Our Beauty is their sophomore LP follow up to 2012's Nameless. The overwhelming direction is towards pummelling death metal but there are also strong tendencies towards more modern metal and metalcore, Pikes Edge cite As I Lay Dying, Iron Maiden and In Flames as influences. When everything is hitting the way it should the dual guitars spit out melodic riffs overtop of a pummelling rhythm section while the singer alternates between high powered melody and aggressive shouting.

Faded Shadow bursts out with a spiraling riff that pulls back to build atmosphere before exploding again while Tides Of Time takes a mid-tempo metal stomper, outfits the dual guitars with riffs and rides the groove into the ground and Just Go To Hell grabs you from the neck from the opening seconds, loosening up melodically for a moment only to crash back into the riff laden groove. Other highlights include Denial Of Service, Blind Side Of You and Hypocrite. With All Of Our Beauty Pikes Edge have created a solid statement of modern melodic death metal.

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