Wednesday, January 11, 2017

AM:PM - 2016 - Amazing Mega Party Motherfucker (LP)

AM:PM is a five piece death metal band from Vevey, Switzerland. Amazing Mega Party Motherfucker is their debut LP since forming in 2012. AM:PM play a groove heavy brand of death metal pulling equally from deathcore and the more melodic brands of death metal. Waste of space intro Before aside, Doomed bursts out of the gates at full speed laying out what is ahead for the rest of this LP. The guitars alternate between straight ahead crushing rhythm and spewing out thrashy melodic riffs while the singer puts his growl to great use.

When everything is firing on all cylinders like they are supposed to these are groovy, thrashy and sometimes a little technical death metal songs to bang your head to. AM:PM aren't breaking any new ground here but judging by the album art and the energy of these songs they are having a great time doing it. Highlights include Dictatorship Of Fear, Wolf, 4-20, Rugged Road and the aforementioned Doomed. With Amazing Mega Party Motherfucker AM:PM have created an interesting debut which leaves me interested in where they are heading next.

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