Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Nervosa - 2016 - Agony

Nervosa is a three piece thrash metal band from São Paulo, Brazil. Agony is their sophomore LP. Nervosa was formed in 2010 by Fernanda Lira, Prika Amarel and Pitchu Ferraz, they signed to Napalm Records in 2012. They play an aggressive, gutsy no punches pulled brand of thrash metal with some death and speed metal elements. The singer has an excellent, raspy shout that sounds like she's simultaneously summoning demons and fighting back monstrous hordes while the rest of the band beats you into submission with their thick, muscular riffs.

From the opening blasts of Arrogance through the final stomps of Devastation Nervosa never let up. Occasionally things get slightly less heavy but that's only to let a riff dominate before speeding back up. Highlights include Deception, Intolerance Means War, Failed System, Surrounded By Serpents and Hypocrisy. With Agony, Nervosa continue to progress and make their mix of thrash, speed & death their own.