Thursday, December 08, 2016

Morthifera - 2016 - Basurero Humano

Morthifera is a five piece thrash metal band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Basurero Humano is their debut LP. Members also play in Malicia and Diebrator, describing them as more progressive and more melodic respectively.  There is very little fat and a real feeling of urgency in these songs. Even when Morthifera pulls back for a moment to allow some more melody to shine through the rhythm section is still churning away underneath. 

The riffs are aggressive and agile while the singer spits his lyrics with inspired venom. That feeling of speed is only accented with the judicious use of gang vocals. Highlights include Caos, Agonizante Cura Pederasta, Inyectando Thrash, Castigado and Régimen De Sangre. With Basurero Humano Morthifera have crafted a rock solid, riff heavy thrash metal statement.