Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Aphyxion - 2016 - Aftermath

Aphyxion is a five piece melodic death metal band from Denmark. Aftermath is their sophomore LP. Aphyxion play a brand of melodic death metal that also incorporates both more straightforward elements of modern metal as well as flourishes of progressive metal.

Songs like Dark Stains On Ivory lean to the melo-death side of things, Same Kind of Different leans towards the thrashy, modern end of the spectrum while Consumer Consumed cuts the difference between melodic death metal and a more mainstream, modern metal sound, accenting both with keyboards. Highlights include A Part Of The Solution, Born To Stand Strong As We Blacken The Sky, Destined To Fall and the aforementioned Dark Stains On Ivory, Same Kind Of Different and Consumer Consumed. If you're looking for some forward thinking melodic death metal Aphyxion's Aftermath will serve well.

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