Thursday, November 17, 2016

Zenobia - 2016 - Alma De Fuego II

Zenobia is a heavy metal band from Lardero, La Rioja, Spain. Alma De Fuego II is their fifth studio LP. Zenobia play a straightforward brand of heavy metal, infused with power & symphonic elements to make it arena ready. When they aren't playing synth heavy, bombastic metal they are playing radio ready hard rock. No matter what genre you try and slot them into synths abound and there are riffs aplenty.

Songs like Ángel Negro, Brindemos por una Canción and Militia Est Vita walk the line between more epicly minded symphonic power metal and riff focused thrash metal while songs like Si Pudieras and Valiente streamline everything to make the music even more radio friendly.  Highlights include the aforementioned Ángel Negro, Militia Est Vita, 100 Dardos, Océanos de Fuego & a live version of Borraré Tu Nombre. With Alma De Fuego II Zenobia have crafted a rocking statement of thrash and power metal.

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