Sunday, November 06, 2016

Taman Shud - 2016 - Dogs And Gods

Taman Shud is a stoner metal band from Amiens, France. Dogs And Gods is their debut LP since forming in 2012. Members have also played in Oniromancie, Ashura and Your Own Film. They describe themselves as Desert Rock and doing a solid job of calling up that groovy but still riff focused heavy stoner rock that came out of the California desert in the 90s.

The singer's voice could be a little higher in the mix but it works well, the melodic counterpoint surrounded but not buried by walls of fuzzy riffs. My main complaint is that the songs do tend to overstay their welcome a little, there is just barely too much sludge in the mix for my liking. I personally prefer faster, thrashier songs to the mid-tempo sludge influenced but everyone has their own preferences. Highlights include Bullet And Glove, Guns And Children, Sharks  and the excellent title track. With Dogs And Gods Taman Shud have crafted a solid heavy desert rock debut. 

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