Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Bushwhaker - 2016 - The False Dilemma

Bushwaker is a metal band from Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. The False Dilemma is their second LP. Formed in Whitehorse in 2008 Bushwaker moved to Vancouver in 2011. They play progressive brand of metal incorporating elements of Death, Black, Sludge, Post & Thrash metal. Instrumentally speaking Bushwaker stacks thrashy death metal riffs on top of one other reminding me of Gojira and garnering comparisons with Cormorant and early Mastodon & Lamb of God.

With multiple vocalists come multiple vocal styles, one singer has a great raspy, black metal shout while another has the authoritative drill sergeant bark. This LP is not as consistent as it could be, the riff focused death metal songs (Tower, Dead Man's Waltz, Shikadance, Bushwaker, Golden Shell) are great, towering slabs of progressive death metal but that impact is interrupted by interludes and overly melodic post-metal meanderings. This is the kind of LP that will only come with technical prowess and a willingness to smash genres together. If you're looking for some progressive death heavy metal Bushwhaker's The False Dilemma will serve well.

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