Saturday, November 05, 2016

Blackning - 2016 - Alienation

Blackning is a three piece thrash metal band from Santo André, Brazil. Alienation is their sophomore LP after forming in 2013. Blackning play a straightforward brand of thrash metal, generally mid tempo with lots of intricate & heavy riffs, melodic solo's and head banging grooves.

The vocalist has a nice gruff shout, aggressive and loud without being unintelligible. Lyrically the album seems focused on various social issues and addresses them handily without being preachy. Blackning isn't reinventing the wheel by any means but who needs to reinvent the wheel when you can produce heavy, thrashy metal like this? Highlights include Mechanical Minds, Street Justic, Weapons Of Intolerance, Devil's Child and Two-Faced Liar. If you're looking for a heavy slab of thrash to bang your head to, Blackning's Alienation will serve well. 

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