Monday, November 07, 2016

Ashen Divinity - 2016 - Digital Sisyphus

Ashen Divinity is a death metal band from Istra, Croatia. Digital Sisyphus is their sophomore LP, follow up to 2014's The Wealth Of Abominations. Ashen Divinity plays a thrashy brand of death metal and members have also played in Infernal Tenebra. They have taken the all out attack of death metal and dialed it back slightly, loading up on heavy, meaty riffs and melodic solos.

Vocalist Erik Uljenik has a solid deep growl with which he bellows socio-politically relevant lyrics. Highlights include an ode to social degredation (Corruptia), an anti-war song complete with battleground sounds (Cannon Fodder) and a progressive piece based around W.B. Yeats The Second Coming, not to mention the aggressive title track. If you're looking for some thrashy death metal Ashen Divinity's Digitial Sisyphus will serve well.

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