Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Architects - 2016 - All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us

Architects is a metalcore band from Brighton, England. All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us is their new LP. Architects play metalcore that manages to be progressive and move their sound forward without falling into any of the pitfalls of typical "progressive metalcore." Architects come blasting out of the gates at top speed with Nihilist and barely let up for the proceeding 47 minutes. They have found the sweet spot where crushingly heavy, technical riffs can be surrounded by a groove and is the better for it.

The singer has an excellent and versatile voice, his desperate screams are as powerful as his clean singing is beautiful. Highlights include Phantom Fear, Gone With The Wind, Downfall, A Match Made in Heaven, Gravity and the aforementioned Nihilist. With All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us Architects have crafted a forward looking metallic statement.