Thursday, October 20, 2016

Unbound - 2016 Flesh Burns (Demo)

Unbound is a four piece black metal band from Australia. Members have also played in Where's The Pope?, Ripped Off, The Submissivies, Pissed On and Sick People. Flesh Burns is their debut EP under the name Unbound. They throw black metal & hardcore punk in a blender, drown everything in noise then regurgitates it all at high speed.

The vocalist sounds like he's being tortured for sins unimaginable while the guitars tear at the fabric of reality around you. If this is the sound they achieve with a demo I really want to hear what they can do with a "proper" recording. If you're in need of some punked up black metal, and to be honest who isn't, Unbound's Flesh Burns will serve well. Thanks to Fucked By Noise for pointing this out