Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Deny The Cross - 2016 - Alpha Ghoul

Deny The Cross is a four piece powerivolence band from the United States. Members have also played in Spazz, Black Army Jacket, Agents of Satan, Plutocracy, Funeral Shock, Municipal Waste, Discordance Axis, Human Remains and King Generator. Alpha Goul is their debut LP under this name. "The inspiration behind getting this band going was simple,” relays vocalist Carlos Ramirez. “We wanted to write songs that sounded like early to mid-‘90s powerviolence and grind, mixed with some NYHC and crossover influence." That is an entirely accurate description. Start with a base of hardcore punk, speed things up to hyperactive with all the needles in the red and then mix in some light bits of the aforementioned crossover and NYHC sounds to smooth things out only slightly. The opening track Heart Like Siberia is what got me hooked but there's only one and a half other songs with that same level of thrash. If you're looking for some powerful grindcore & powerviolence to power your next beatdown, Deny The Cross' Alpha Ghoul will serve well.