Saturday, July 09, 2016

O.P.P. #1 Stop Podcasting Yourself

O.P.P is one of our new segments here at Project:Burnt, it stands for Other Peoples Podcasts. Each week will feature a review and recommendation of an excellent podcast. Most of them will be comedy but there will also be a focus on documentary storytelling and public radio.

The Show: This week the focus is on Stop Podcasting Yourself or SPY. SPY is a chat show from Vancouver, BC, Canada hosted by comedians Dave Shumka & Graham Clark on the Maximum Fun network. Each week they have a funny person, sometimes a local comic, sometimes a nationally known comic in town and sometimes an internationally known comedian in town for a series of shows or a festival. This is one of those shows where the hosts have such excellent charisma and know how to have engaging conversations with their friends. It feels like you are just sitting in the corner listening to these funny people talk about the most ridiculous things and then some overheards.

The Way In: The best way in would be to search for a standup comic that you are a fan of and start with one of those episodes. I would highly recomend starting withing any of the Paul F. Tompkins appearances, he is hilarious and has a great relationship with Dave & Graham. Once you get into it you will probably go back and listen to every single episode in order like I am currently. Until then, start with Charlie Demers, Ivan Decker, Erica Sigurdson in terms of locals, Dana Gould, Andy Kindler, Reggie Watts & Brent Butt for more well known comics.