Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Achtungs - 2015 - Welcome To Hell

The Achtungs is a punk rock band from Finland. Welcome To Hell is their second LP released by Going Underground Records. The Achtungs play a sleezy, distorted garage rock infused brand of punk rock. Sometimes these songs focus on a riff, sometimes they just blast distorted guitars at full volume. Either way these are short and angry fuzzed out garage punk songs that demand attention. They blast through these nine songs in just over twelve minutes with only one barely reaching two minutes long. With song titles like Dogshit, I Don't Care About You, I Wanna Be Mean and You're Not My Friend it is immediately obvious what you are getting; these songs are fast and to the point with no fat left on the bone. Here's where I would normally list my favourite songs but this LP is consistent from end to end. If you're looking for some fuzzed out, pissed off and tongue in cheek garage punk to blow your ears out too The Achtung's Welcome To Hell will serve well. Highly recommended.