Monday, September 14, 2015

Tommy Boys- 2015 - Tommy Boys

Tommy Boys is a three piece emo band from San Francisco, California, America. Tommy Boys is their debut LP. Tommy Boys play an energetic, noodly, punk pop influenced brand of emo. The breaking part for a lot people will be the singer and potentially how generic this album feels at first. This is their first LP after a debut EP It's Glorious and lays the blueprint nicely for where they can go from here. I for one am in love with this quite of energetic, noodly music but I can understand the complaints from those who say they have heard this before. The guitars in part remind of of Algernon Cadwallader, there is as much melodic noodling as there is jump straight up and down punk pop.
Tommy Boys does an excellent job at carving out their own space between punk pop and emo, creating catchy, layered songs that will lodge themselves into your brain. I look forward to hearing how this band develops.