Saturday, September 26, 2015

Ruleta Rusa - 2015 - Ruleta Rusa

Ruleta Rusa is a five piece punk rock band from San Fransisco, California. Ruleta Rusa is their 3rd EP, pressed as a double sided lathe cut vinyl record courtesy of Human Double Face and Discos MMM. Members have also played in Born/Dead and Peligro Social. Ruleta Rusa play a noisy, chaotic brand of hardcore punk. The singer shouts in Spanish while the band behind him kicks up a distorted racket. These three songs work the same area of punk rock, the guitars are loud and distorted while the singer shouts like his life depends on it. Guitar solos appear out of nowhere, blaze through the distortion and disappear just as quickly. If you're looking for some hard hitting hardcore punk and don't put a premium on it sounding pretty or nice, Ruleta Rusa's new EP will serve well.