Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pepi Rössler - 2015 - Demo

Pepi Rössler is a five piece screamo band from Budapest, Hungary. Demo is their debut recording. Pepi Rössler play a brand of emoviolence that bring to mind bands like iwontstopwonderinguntilyoustopbreathing. The singer has an excellent high pitched scream that hangs in the background only sometimes descending into a more melodic wail. Generally the guitars are thick and chaotic, hidden behind a wall of noisy distortion. On songs like Untitled and Interlude they slow momentarily for moments of beautiful desperation only to instantly spin back up into noisy chaos.  Shape/Distance and Vehicle Of Confession are the highlights, they really show what this band can do, laying the groundwork for where they can go from here. If you're looking for a promising new skramz band to become obsessed with, Pepi Rössler will serve well. Thanks to What Are Blood Wings? for pointing this out.