Saturday, September 19, 2015

Facility & An Anecdote - 2015 - Split

Facility is a four piece screamo band from New Jersey. The split with An Anecdote is their sophomore EP. It picks up from where they left off with on their debut EP The First Four. Intent is their most chaotic song to date while Seven is tighter and more riff focused. If you liked The First Four you will like this as it is more of the same.

An Anecdote is a five piece screamo band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The split with Facility is their third EP. Another Schoolyard Confession comes barreling out of the gates firing on all cylinders while North American Takeover slows down slightly, putting alternating screaming vocalists to great use. Both these songs are noisy, chaotic explosions that barely let up for a moment only to slam down even harder in the next moment. These are both bands to watch as they put their stamp on what a modern screamo band should sound like.