Friday, September 04, 2015

Acousma - 2015 - Acousma

Acousma is hardcore punk band from the East Coast of Canada. Acousma is their fourth EP and second to be released on 7" vinyl by High Fashion Industries. As with their other recordings this was mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth of Orchid, Laceration, Bucket Full of Teeth, Clean Plate records and Dead Air Studios. Acousma play a raw brand of pummelling hardcore punk. The band generates a thick, distorted blast of noise and the singer usually has a high pitched shriek that floats piercingly overtop. This continues where the previous EP's left off, blasting through these four songs in under six minutes. My favourite track is A Holy Tradition, it initially takes a step back from the usual breakneck speed, generating a dark & moodier feel before exploding back into the slamming hardcore they do so well. Stream the aformentioned single below and patiently wait for this excellent, screamo inflected hardcore punk album to be fully released.