Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Music Tuesday: Blood Visions - Reatard Records

Reatard Records is a record label run by Alex Cyprine & Grototo Retard from Rennes, France. Blood Visions is a tribute to Jay Reatard's album of the same name. They have gathered together at least sixteen artists to cover the aforementioned album in it's entirety. As with any such project, Epilogue Of A Car Crash...A Tribute To Orchid comes to mind, the variety of bands, styles and production quality represented here is both a strength and a weakness. There are some really excellent songs on here though some collapse under the weight of distortion and inconsistent production. Some bands make these songs their own while others do their best to faithfully cover the song. My favourites tracks are courtesy of Bazooka, Quetzal Snakes, Kaviar City, Sick Hyenas, Sapin & Go!Zilla, and even the songs I don't like are excellent intros to a bunch of new bands. If you're looking for some dirty, catchy, fun punk rock Reatard Records tribute to Jay Reatard's Blood Visions will serve well.