Thursday, March 06, 2014

Home - 2014 - Bound To Gravity

Home is a punk rock band from Innsbruck, Austria. Bound To Gravity is their debut LP. Home plays a heavy brand of music in an intersection where sludge metal, stoner metal, noise rock and post-hardcore meet. Home comes barreling out of the gate at top speed with the off kilter raging slab of anger that is Hole, while the followup track Next To Last starts off a sludgy lumbering beast and only sinks deeper into that noisy sludge. Home keeps it heavy and brings in the post-hardcore with No Way Out My Friend and things continue in that eclectic vein throughout the whole album. Home brings together a variety of sounds, throws them in the blender and rides that askew mix into the ground. If you like your music heavy with no regards to genre conventions, only songwriting and heaviness then Home's Bound To Gravity will serve well.