Saturday, February 01, 2014

Hexis - 2014 - Abalam

Hexis is a five piece band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Abalam is their new EP. Hexis plays a crushing brand of black metal that has learned lessons in heaviness and straight forward attacks from hardcore punk. For a little bit of context Abalam is another name for the demon king Paimon from the Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon the King and all the song titles are in latin, only adding to the dark, occult vibe Hexis are masters at conjuring. The structure and form of this music is black metal, either at blast beat speed or a mid tempo sludgy crawl. informed by hardcore punk in the even more balls to the wall attitude.

 The second half of the album after the instrumental title track is when things really kick into high gear, the first half is good but the second half is where everything comes together and really bashes your brain in. Hexis is garnering comparisons to Celeste and Pop Matters described them as "Ampere or Angel Hair scraping their way through Portal’s demented discography."  Each song is just a wall of raw blackened metal coming straight at you with no opportunity to run or hide. Highlights include Sequax, Tenebris, Abalam, Immolobant, Exhausit, .  If you like your black metal turned up to 11 then Hexis' Abalam will serve well.