Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Young Thug & Bloody Jay - 2014 - Black Portland

Young Thug and Bloody Jay are rappers from Atlanta, Georgia. Black Portland is their new collaborative mixtape. Young Thug has been attracting some attention for his unique, idiosyncratic style of rap and Bloody Jay just released Blatlanta II:Brazy. The beats on Black Portland for the most part are mainstream beats that you would hear on the radio or in the club, once Young Thug lays down his vocals they become part of his weirdo, twisted world.

 Rarely do I hear rappers doing so many other things vocally than just rap, Young Thug's vocals include shouts, lazy mumble mouth, accenting punctuation, and sometimes just vocalizations. Highlights include Signs, No Fucks, 4 Eva Bloody, Movin, Paranoia, No Love, Danny Glover & Lets Go Play. If you like your rap to sound like the mainstream but bending that to suit their own personalities and style, then Young Thug & Bloody Jay's Black Portland will serve well.