Friday, January 24, 2014

Vinny Vegas - 2013 - The Big White Whale

Vinny Vegas is a five piece progressive rock band from Baltimore, Maryland, America. The Big White Wale is their debut LP. Vinny Vegas play an expansive brand of rock that incorporates post-rock, soul jazz and a heavy dosing of keys make for a melodic groove that various members can solo or create atmosphere in. I like this more than I like of progressive music because this is firmly based in rock and roll and never strays
far from that.

The Big White Whale opens with the longest track Highs & Lows and continues in that vein for the rest of the album. Highlights include Rubber Sternum, Patterns Weave, Claws, If you like your progressive rock to not forget how to rock but still stretch out with melody and instrumentation, Vinny Vegas' The Big White Whale will serve well.