Friday, January 10, 2014

lovechild - 2014 - "In Heaven, Everything is Fine."

 lovechild is a hardcore punk band from the United States of America. "In Heaven, Everything is Fine." is their new LP courtesy of Mayfly records. Lovechild features members of Cerce and Debaser and play a noisy brand of hardcore that borrows from the screamo side of things. They are garnering comparisons to bands like The Nerve Agents, Panic and Some Girls. For the most part this LP is straight ahead hardcore punk with some very noisy guitars and a particularly desperate singer. Highlights include Perfectionist (Perfectionism), Oh, Love.,  If you like your hardcore punk to feel like it's about to fall apart at the seems but is going too fast for that to actually happen, lovechild's "In Heaven, Everything is Fine." will serve well.