Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Kill Giants - 2014 - No One Will Ever Leave You

I Kill Giants are a four piece emo band from Boston, Massachusets. No One Will Ever Leave You is their new EP. I Kill Giants play a mathy, slightly noodly brand of emo with lots of tapping and desperate shouted vocals. Even though this was released on January 2nd, the middle of winter, this feels like a very summer record, it should be blasting from a car stereo as bunch of friends drive to the beach. The opening track Slaughtering The Wolves Like Sheep is classic I Kill Giants, easily melding indie and math rock into a noodly, some what discordant catchy tune. The next two tracks don't break a minute and both Classic Riptide and In Response have irrepressible catchy rhythms and melodies. And Butcher Shoppe/////Machine Gun close things out on a little more pop punk vibe but run through I Kill Giant's mathy filter. This EP show's a band reaching and developing their own unique sound and this EP leaves me wanting much more. An early highlight of 2014. If you like indie, emo or math rock, I Kill Giant's No One Will Ever Leave You will serve well.