Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chalkboards - 2013 - Chalkboards

Chalkboards is a two piece chiptune band from Austin, Texas, USA. Chalkboards is their new EP. Chalkboards play a lush melodic brand of chiptune, finding the melody using two 1989 Gameboys and then filling out the sound with more "standard" instruments. Chalkboards manage to conjure an atmosphere that is equal parts Air, Brian Eno, Anamanaguchi and shoegaze indie rock. These songs have dual functions, you can put your whole attention towards it and absorb every nook and cranny of what Chalkboards is trying to do or you can let it receed into the background and use it as ambient music floating in the background providing atmosphere. There are definitely other instruments at use here than just the Gameboys but everything else is shrouded in lovely distortion and subsides into the background. Highlights include This World Is Not Yours, Splitting The Room In Two, My Favorite Show Is On The Television, The Sickets Kickflip You've Ever Seen, There's Twentytwo Fireflies In My Jar and The World Belongs To Us. If you like your chiptune catchy and dreamy, Chalkboards` Chalkboards will serve well.