Saturday, January 18, 2014

Battle Ruins - 2014 - Battle Ruins

Battle Ruins is a heavy metal band. Battle Ruins is their new LP. They play a straight forward brand of heavy metal that would not be out of place next to NWOBHM bands in playing a brand of thrash and citing Vengeance and Fortress as influences. Think 3 Inches Of Blood without any speed metal influences and it would come out something like this.

There are lots of heavy guitars that pull out melodic solos and the singer has a voice that can do the high melodic parts as well as the gruffer parts. This is a surprisingly strong set of songs for songs that sound like they could have been written thirty years ago, this LP could easily pass for a recently discovered long lost masterpiece.

 I would list my favourite songs but I would end up listing all of them. As it stands Battle Ruins Battle Ruins is a very good thrashy old school metal album.