Sunday, December 29, 2013

WVRM - 2013 - Despair

WVRM is a heavy band from Greenville, South Carolina, USA. Despair is their debut EP. WVRM (or maybe WURM or WORM) play a brand of grindcore that brings in elements of death metal and powerviolence. The singer has a voice that would be equally at home fronting a death metal band and the guitars would only need to be less thrashy and they could easily play death metal. As it is they switch back and forth between fast grindy hardcore and mid speed thrashy hardcore all while the vocalist screatches and grows like a Nordic demon. I'm not quite sure what to label this other than as extremely aggressive and intensely heavy. If you like your heavy music eclectic but never forgetting to to truly bring it, WVRM's Despair will serve well. Thanks to Dead Air At The Pulpit.