Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dream Caste - 2013 - A Calmer Room

Dream Caste is a screamo band from California, USA. A Calmer Room is their debut EP. Dream Caste play a brand of screamo that pulls no punches. They incorporate bits of melody and gang vocals to great effect. There is little chaos here, only emotional carnage, desperate screams and raging guitars. Members have also played in Ezra, Summer Vacation, Ten Thousand Leagues, Moldar. La Bella and Wilderness. These five songs blaze by all to quickly, make sure to pick up a tape from either KYEO Speaks or Dreamdiver . Admittedly this demo does not sound the greatest but on the other hand I have come to almost prefer the lofi, garage demo sound. If you like your screamo scrappy and explosive Dream Caste's A Calmer Room will serve well.