Thursday, December 12, 2013

Distaste - 2013 - Black Age Of Nihil

Distaste is a three piece blackened hardcore band from Linz, Upper Austria, Austria. Black Age Of Nihil is their third release.  Distaste plays a dark brand of hardcore that borrows liberally from grindcore and death metal in building its savage attack which makes it hard to categorize. Members also play in Afgrund, GodHateCode and Underground Groove Front, The basis for these songs is hardcore punk but they are built into terrifying colossal songs that create an atmosphere of dread and raw brutality. Highlights include Enslaved, Einsamkeit, Force-Fed Lies,Regress,   This whole album is played at turbo speed which only adds to the frantic energy. If you like your hardcore super fast and with liberal doses of both black metal and grindcore, Distaste's Black Age Of Nihil will serve well.