Friday, December 20, 2013

Childish Gambino - 2013 - Because The Internet

Childish Gambino is a rapper from Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA. Because The Internet is his new LP. You might also know Childish Gambino by his birth name Donald Glover. He was a part of Derrick Comedy, wrote on 30 Rock, and co-starred on Community as Troy Barnes. He released his first EP in 2008, signed to Glassnote Reocrds in 2011, released his first LP Camp for them that year. Because The Internet finds Childish Gambino working with Ludwig Göransson who also collaborated on Camp and features guest spots from Chance The Rapper, Jhené Aiko and Azealia Banks.

Childish Gambino reminds me of Aesop Rock, Sage Francis and Death Grips because Gambino can be incredibly insular and cryptic, is stretching hip hop out and drawing in people who might not traditionally like hip hop and he uses sounds and samples that most other artists aren't using. The production on this album will be a block for some people. Childish Gambino is obviously a talented producer but these songs jump around too much, the beats change too dramatically too frequently. The highlight of that is the beats come from the worlds of pop, psychedelia, dance music and R&B. This album falls to the same thing that held me back from ultimately loving Camp, all the ingredients are here and they are excellently done but it just never explodes to me like it feels like it should. That doesn't mean I won't be listening to this consantly though, Because The Internet is chock full of great, catchy songs.

If you're willing to learn the intricacies of these songs there are treasures to be found but it's probably not a first listen kind of thing. Highlights include WORLDSTAR, Shadows, The Worst Guys Ft. Chance The Rapper, Telegraph Ave ("Oakland by Lloyd"), Shadows, 3005, Sweatpants,   If you like your hip hop of the underground variety Childish Gambino's Because The Internet will serve well.