Saturday, December 14, 2013

Blister Unit - 2013 - Christ Ape

Blister Unit is a two piece grindcore band from Prescott, Arizona, America. Christ Ape is their sixth release. Blister Unit play a straight ahead, take no prisoners brand of grindcore. They come roaring out of the gate at turbo speed on opening track Indigenous Nudity and continue in that vein  until Taung Child, the most melodic, post rock piece on this whole album, full of epic solos and quiet, ambient space. And then it's almost immediately back into the hardcore and grindcore of earlier. Highlights include Our Gang, Thing Baby, Coconut Collider, the aforementioned Taung Child and Indigenous Nudity, Christ Ape,  If you like your grindcore fast with just a hint of melody, Blister Unit's Christ Ape will serve well.