Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Walkervilles - 2012 - Live At Mackenzie Hall

The Walkervilles are a three piece rock band from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Live At Mackenzie Hall is their debut LP. They play a soul infused brand of rock and roll that owes an obvious debt to Motown. Detroit is right across the river from Windsor so it's only natural these boys would learn some lessons in soul and songwriting. At their best The Walkervilles are a catchy, soulful trio that will swing away the night. They opened for Tedeschi Trucks Band in Winnipeg last week and blew the crowd away. Highlights include No California, Please Baby Stay, Tell Me How You Want Me, Misunderstandings (Holding You), This Morning, and Get Myself Into It. If you like your rock and roll with old school soul, The Walkervilles' Live At Mackenzie Hall will serve well.