Monday, November 11, 2013

Bug - 2013 - Atropos

Bug is a four piece hardcore punk band from Innsbruck, Austria. Atropos is their new LP. Bug plays an eclectic brand of hardcore punk bringing in sludge and noise rock to fuel their attack.  The guitar has a nice thick, distorted tone than can be pealed away for something approaching a melodic solo while the singer has a gruff shout that he puts to great use. Every song shows a different side of this band, a different facet they focus while still creating a coherent album that explodes at you from all directions. The Great Beast Speaks has an off kilter mathy rhythm while Jesus Wept tears everything apart before rebuilding a monstrous, sludgy beast and tearing it down again. If you like your hardcore chaotic and eclectic but still hard hitting, Bug's Atropos will serve well.