Sunday, November 24, 2013

Big Eyes - 2013 - Almost Famous

Big Eyes is a three piece rock band from Seattle, Washington, USA. Almost Famous is their sixth release. Big Eyes play straight ahead brand of punk rock with a female lead singer. They sound like if The Demonics didn't play surf punk or if the Ramones played power pop and owed a debt of rock and roll styling to Joan Jett. At their best Big Eyes can crank out some high energy punked up rock and roll but at their worst the songs just sit there no matter how many times they hammer on the distortion peddle.  Highlights include Nothing You Could Say, Wanted Sometimes, The Sun Still Shines, Can't Catch A Break, I Think Of You and You Ain't The Only One. If you like your punk with some snot and straight ahead rock, Big Eyes' Almost Famous will serve well.