Saturday, September 07, 2013

For the Kid in the Back - 2013 - Coffee On An Empty Stomach

For the Kid in the Back is Justin Passino from Plattsburgh, NY, USA. Coffee On An Empty Stomach is his third LP. Throw together The Weakerthans, Mike Kinsella and Trunks & Tales into an acoustic blender and you'll be in the right neighborhood.

Highlights include Bite My Tongue, I See The Worst In Everything, More Than I Deserve, The Sheep Eats The Flower and A Stair Worn Hollow, Some of these songs have driving rhythms, some put multi tracked vocals to great use, and some swell to sad, majestic heights while others just settle into their melancholy. If you like your emo acoustic and unabashedly sad, For The Kid In The Back's Coffee On An Empty Stomach will serve well.