Thursday, September 05, 2013

Elesh Norn - 2013 - All The Pain I Built Up

Elesh Norn is a four piece screamo band from Denton, Texas, America. All The Pain I Built Up is their debut EP. They play a chaotic brand of screamo with a bit of post-hardcore in the songwriting. The singer has a screachy, high pitched voice while the band pumps out a pummelling brand of screamo. Elesh Norm is unafraid of a stop/start dynamic and these songs refuse to die quietly ). Sometimes there is a moment of calm or melody before the chaos ensues but it is only a mirage in the storm Highlights include: Simultaneously Slamming Doors And Screaming, A Pathetic Way to Say I Need You, Hopeless and An Exerices In Breathing. If you like your screamo screachy with a hardcore thump, Elesh Norn's All The Pain I Built Up