Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Caust - [This is not for you.] - 2013

Caust is a four piece hardcore punk band from Virgina, USA. The split with [This is not for you.] is their fourth release. Caust plays a brand of chaotic hardcore that borrows heavily from screamo. They feature members of  Kaoru Nagisa and Swan of Tuonela. Sleep, Meaningless, Reasonless only lets up momentarily to allow the pain to come forward before slamming into hyper mode.

[This is not for you.] is a screamo band from Ocean City, Maryland, USA. The split with Caust is their second release. They play a straight ahead, brutal brand of screamo that takes no liberties. These songs launch themselves at full speed in all directions. The screams are desperate, the guitars go from raging to discordant ringing and back again while the drums churn the ground you stand on. [This is not for you.] is a band to watch.