Sunday, July 14, 2013

Football, etc - Plaids - 2013 - Split

Football, etc are a three piece emo band from Houston, Texas, USA. The split with Plaids is their sixth release. Plaids is an post-hardcore emo band from Nottingham, UK. The split with Football, etc is their fifth release.

Football, etc play a brand of indie rock influenced brand of emo. The singer has a plaintive, melodic voice and the band plays a very sad, catchy style of indie rock capable of kicking up a storm.  Plaids is a hardcore punk band that does not cut any corners in their pursuit of some emo influenced hardcore. The singer has an excellent drill instructor shout while the band behind him melds hardcore, emo and post-hardcore into a catchy stew. If you like emo, hardcore or indie rock there is something here for you.