Saturday, July 06, 2013

bad noids - 2013 - Everything From Soup To Dessert

Bad Noids are a four piece hardcore punk band from Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Everything From Soup To Dessert is their debut LP. They play a chaotic brand of hardcore that excels at inverting everything it can inside a hardcore song in pursuit of noisy glory.

 Like a dirter, crustier Wiccans, a brand of post hardcore that doesn't care about genres or songwriting styles and just hurtles itself through these songs, some of which sound like they could collapse into a smouldering ruin at any moment. Bad Noids excel at finding a solid groove and then fucking up the song, transforming them into limber beasts that rapidly change and use every single tool in their toolbox. If you like your hardcore experimental and chaotic Everything From Soup To Dessert is right up your alley.