Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This Is Hell - 2013 - The Enforcer

This Is Hell is a five piece hardcore punk band from Long Island, New York City USA. The Enforcer is their 11th release and it's more of a thrash metal record than anything else. There is no straight hardcore on this album, at most these songs are crossover thrash but for the most part they are straight ahead 80's thrash metal worship, culminating in a cover of  Metallica's classic Whiplash.

This is an album you're going to either love or hate. If you like 80's thrash metal then you're going to enjoy this record but if you like your hardcore pure, free from any crossover or thrash influences then there's not much here for you. The Enforcer is my favourite here, the cover of Whiplash being the only other song I keep coming back to. I enjoy Walking Abominations quite a bit but at over four minutes long it's a haul at times before the closing guitar solo. If you're down for some thrash metal worship The Enforcer will be right up your alley