Monday, June 03, 2013

Sin Motivo - 2013 - Demo MMXIII

Sin Motivo are a hardcore punk band from Denton/Forth Worth, Texas, USA. Demo MMXIII is their debut release. Featuring (ex) members of Visual Aids, Completely Fucked, Man Is Mostly Water, Night Crimes and Hoop Dreamz. They play a fast chaotic brand of hardcore that barely sits still. This is music designed for the express purpose of getting people moving against each other in a mosh pit.

These songs are chaotic and unrelenting. The constant changes make the songs feel relatively short but some of them stretch out to over five minutes and even some shorters songs just plod along. Sin Motivo isn't afraid of frantically throwing anything and everything into a speedy, punk rock blender that persists in thumping around for a moment before exploding into a hardcore nail bomb. If you like your hardcore chaotic and turbulent, you're in for a hell of a ride.