Saturday, June 08, 2013

Clyde Webb - 2013 - into it (I'm Growing Up)

Clyde Webb is a punk rock singer-songwriter from Boise, Idaho, USA. Into It (I'm Growing Up is his fifth release. He plays an upbeat brand of pop punk and even when the songs are about something sad there's so much energy it sounds like he's having a great time. His songwriting is direct and to the point, each song has a  clear point of view and at their best they jam themselves into your head and never let go.

Being a pop punk album filled with fast short songs this album's not particularly consistent though most of these songs don't break two minutes which can be a double edged sword. The album is well balanced with stand out tracks without Suicide Pact, Negative Numbers, Home and GR8D to name just a few. I don't listen to a lot of punk pop, it takes a good songwriter to hook me in and Clyde Webb has that in spades, Into It (I'm Growing Up) is a great record.