Saturday, May 18, 2013

Incendiary - 2013 - Cost Of Living

Incendiary is a hardcore punk band from Long Island, New York, USA. Cost Of Living is their sixth release. They play a heavy brand of hardcore punk. The singer has a great, drill instructor shout that bounces nicely off the guitars pummelling you into submission. The songs are perfect examples of how to do hardcore well in the modern era, they manage to stay out of the quicksand of too much chugging and generic songwriting.

These songs are brief, heavy and incredibly pissed off, very similiar to Benchpress except for the absense of chaotic solos. Snake is a thumping, crawling hardcore anthem revelling in how heavy it is and Deed Before Creed is has a melodic slow burn beatdown feel. At almost a half hour the album does seem a little long but if you're into this kind of heavy hardcore then there's rarely too much.