Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Benchpress - 2013 - Controlled By Death

Benchpress are a five piece heavy punk band from Lewistown, Pennsylvania, USA. Controlled By Death is their sophomore EP. They play a very heavy version of beat down, tough guy hardcore. The singer has an awesome barking growl and the guitars play thrash metal with great abandon. Metallic guitar tones and
melodic, chaotic solos anchored by a double base come barrelling at you at hardcore speeds, unrelenting for 12 minutes.

Silver Spoon takes a moment to let everything breath but never stops pummelling while Disgusted With The World Ft. Dion Barrella Of Rock Bottom is a whirlwind of brutal and heavy activity and No Place Like Home can't make up it's mind if it wants to be a riff filled thrashy monster or a slow burning, lumbering beast. If you don't like your hardcore punk heavy but still agile, thrashy and pissed the fuck off then there may be no hope for you.