Saturday, May 11, 2013

all sharks - 2013 - all sharks

All Sharks is a two piece post-hardcore band from Spain. All Sharks is their debut LP. They play a very sparse, screamo influenced brand of post-hardcore. They cite June of 44, Shellac and Slint as influences. The songs on this album are content to just stretch out and let the bass do all the heavy lifting with the guitars coming in to add effects while the singer shouts desperately. When everything is firing on all cylinders like on All Traitors, and Sharks, the guitars are riffing away or making some ethereal sound, the bass is throbbing relentlessly and the singer is shouting like there's a demon chasing him down while the drummer keeps everything in lockstep and makes it danceable.

Think early 90's angular, off kilter indie math rock merged with the raw emotion of screamo but being realized as post-hardcore that isn't afraid to just sit on a moving bass line and let that ride for five minutes. If you enjoy sparse post-hardcore this album will be right up your alley,