Thursday, January 10, 2013

Alexander Korda - 2011 - Vous Vous Avez Encore Des Secrets Á Dire

Alexander Korda was a four piece band from Arizona. They played a noisy version of screamo, the whole aesthetic is decidedly lo-fi. Raw screams, waves of distortion and occasionally an eruption of violence that aims it right at you and doesn't let go short of complete chaos which serve to accent the few moments of calm and perhaps even a a melody. On their facebook page they cite Saetia and Orchid as their influences so you might have an idea as to where this band seems to coming from artistically.

T\his kind of screamo is very adept at conjuring a world view that is a particularly melancholy, desperate, lonely world. That sound is obvious and perhaps easy to obtain, it can be difficult to see intention clearly. And by the time that thought has worked itself out in my brain the ep has ended and it's time to hit repeat.

Members of Alexander Korda have played in or currently play in: Violet Eyes, I Hate My 7th Grade Self, Juliet and Graveflowers.  Eli who played bass and Frank who screamed are now in Violet Eyesand Keegan who played guitar is I Hate My 7th Grade Self .
And before AK, Eli and Keegan were in the band Juliet